Who I am?

Photography is the truth, surrendering to it is a fantasy. Way back in 2012, the passion for capturing the moving images took over me so much that I quitted my job as a civil engineer and decided to make a living out of the lens. The journey took off from there on and here I’m, with some everlasting moments. As a curious photographer, there are few offbeat things which I would personally like to explore and capture. To give a better idea, my interest in engineering & design camouflaged with a liking for Warcraft has only got me more intrigued to capture more of Navy ships, Aircraft carriers and things related to it. Hopefully, the world has got many such possibilities for me.

Meanwhile, I feel honored to let you know that my works have got recognized on some of the notable platforms. A photograph of mine was featured in Travel & Leisure magazine and it was a good feeling to see your work getting published. I’ve been contributing regularly to Getty Images, one of the leading suppliers of stock images. My photographs are also present in Oneeyeland.com, a hub for creative photographers.

The passion has only grown leaps and bounds, and can’t wait for more and more moments to unfold.

                                                                                 By Navanee Viswa

What I do?

What I do?

The innocence of a kid, the love in a family, the assurance and belief of a leader, and the originality of a product, everyone and everything have a nature. Bringing them out is what makes the profession even more interesting. I freeze such moments to remain eternal. On a personal level, I’m an avid traveller and nature lover, and i’ve covered some of the picturesque part of our country. The feel of carrying few surreal moments back with me just cannot be explained. Haven’t you explored the site yet ? If not, click ‘View all my works’ below. Cheers !

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