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The power of Alphabets in Lr 5

Not having any specific title, but the intention is to post one article today. After some amount of nail biting, decided to write about the most helpful list of shortcuts in Lr. Despite the amount of information spread across the internet in out of seconds of googling and a dedicated Lightroom shortcut display in each module in just one click (Ctrl + ‘), the smart list of keyboard shortcuts is still a scarce. Here is one, which you will use it day in and day out for sure.

I have maintained no order with respect to either the modules or the list of tools/functions. The only thing I kept in mind is the one which we will use often. The pdf file of the same can be easily downloaded, the link is at the bottom of this article.

R – Crop tool

O – after pressing “R” will displays the rules of composition overlay in cyclic mode

Shift + O – will make different versions of the current compositional overlay

X – Rotate crop

Pressing Ctrl will activates the level tool

G – Grid view in Library module

S – Soft proofing

D – Develop module

E – Loupe mode in library module

P – Set select flag

X – Set reject flag

U – Unflag

J – Highlights and Blacks clipping

F – Full screen view

T – Display Tool bar

V – Convert the current image to B & W, press again to back

Q – Activates Spot removal tool

M – Activate graduated filter tool

L  – Lights dim/Out in cyclic mode

W – Activates White balance selection tool

K – Activates Adjustment brush tool

O – Show/Hide paint overlay

H – Show/Hide adjustment pins

[ – Make your brush size smaller

] – Make your brush size bigger

A – after pressing “K” for auto mask on & off

Y – View before and after side by side

Alt + Y – View before and after up and down

C – Compare mode

N – survey mode

Z – Zoom view


Ctrl + Alt + A – Select all flagged

Ctrl + Shift + E – Export window opens up

Ctrl + Shift + I – Import window opens up

Ctrl + D – Select none

Ctrl + A – Select all

Ctrl + , – Create virtual copy

Ctrl + ‘ – Display the key board short cuts pertains to the particular module

Ctrl + L – Library filters on

Ctrl + U – Auto tone

Ctrl + Shit + U – Auto White balance

Ctrl + Backspace – Delete all rejected flagged photographs (a dialog box will open up and ask whether to delete the images or just remove them from the catalog)

Ctrl + S – Save metadata to file

Tab – Hide side panels

Shift + Tab – Hide all panels

Backslash () in Library module – Library filter bar on & off

Backslash () in Develop module – before view

(/) Slash in develop module – deselect active photo


Shift + F – Full screen working space cyclic

Shift + M – Activates radial filter

0 – No star ratings

1-5 – respective 1 star to 5 star rating

6-9 – colour labeling

F5 – Show Module picker

F6 – Show Film strip

F7 – Show Left module

F8 – Show Right module

= = Increase grid size

– = Decrease grid size

Hope this article helps to save your valuable time and the pdf file can be downloaded by clicking here. If you have got any other smart shortcuts, share it in the comments section.

Cheers and Happy photographing. 🙂